Tęczak – The Rainbow

It is not the first time when a group of talented people from Poland, sharing passion for jewellery making, was brought together by the common goal of helping others. Using the Internet as their medium of communication, while working hard in their
home jewellery studios, they came up with a few unique, collaborative projects. One of them is Tęczak – The Rainbow:

The originator of this brilliant concept was Ewelina Rząd (also known as Saadia). She came up with an idea to organize a group of jewellery artists using soutache embroidery technique. The group was meant to make a collaborative project that could help in raising money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.
There was no need to ask anyone to join – announcing the idea was more then enough:
„Dear ladies, as you
might have noticed, jewellery makers’ charity action for the Great
Orchestra of Christmas Charity has begun already. I have this idea, that
we also could help the cause! Each of us could make a little soutache
embroidered element and then send it to me. I’ll find a way to put all
these elements together and we will have one, huge, crazily abundant
necklace! What do you think?”
There was a lot of volunteers! Thanks to them we can show you this wonderful, amazingly feminine and colorful necklace – „The Rainbow”! There is no doubt that this beautiful work of art and hearts will catch everyone’s attention.


You don’t believe what you see? Just look at it again 😉 We can’t stop staring at these lovely photos either! „The Rainbow” is simply hypnotizing.

The central part of this necklace was made by Jadwiga Betley.
She chose a beautiful piece of hot pink agate and adorned it with soutache cords in different shades of pink, pearls, crystals, tiny beads and stones. Just look at this precision and lovely, fluid lines!

This little work of art is a heart of „The Rainbow”. Smaller elements – each one made by different artist – form amazing side parts of the necklace. Just like lovely leaves around a beautiful flower.
Each side element was made according to this rough sketch made by Ewelina Rząd:


„The Rainbow” was hand made by over 50 ladies from all around Poland! Two pieces were even made in Italy 🙂

Light green
elements were created by: 

Yellow elements were made by: 

As you can see „The Rainbow” was made by a really huge group of super talented women.

Thanks to them you can bid a necklace which is not only beautiful and extremely eye catching, but also full of positive emotions and creative energy. It is smile invoking, unique work of art.
There is no other place in the world you can buy such a piece!

As you can see in the photo, The Rainbow was made not only by many people, but also of various materials. The basic material are soutache cords, but they were adorned with lots of naturals stones, pearls, zriconias, corals, beautiful glass, Swarovski crystals etc. All the highest quality.

The necklace is impregnated, to prevent staining. Its back is covered with dark green suede.

„The Rainbow” is a big, showy necklace. It’s 55 cm (21.7 in) long. It isn’t as heavy as you might think though. It weighs only 400 g.


For the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity every penny is important!
Auction was available here:

Photographer:Arek Rząd

Model: Emilia Sierzputowska 

Stylist:Iwona Rząd Thank you!